Inspiring top-management development, coaching and training

A former UK government policy adviser, head of strategy, diplomat and private secretary to the Rt Hon John Major, I have 17 years’ experience of running programmes, coaching and workshops to a wide variety of organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors both in the UK and internationally.

I help top management, and those who report to them, to make their jobs easier, more effective, more efficient and more enjoyable. I can work with you or your organisation on a temporary, short-term basis or in a longer relationship, to help you develop your strategic thinking, policy work or report-writing skills. I offer tailor-made workshops and training courses, one-to-one coaching, and consultancy services.

The benefits

  • Improved strategic planning
  • Better-quality decision making and problem solving
  • Getting things done more efficiently
  • Being able to communicate quickly, succinctly and with impact
  • Building confidence

Some of those I’ve helped

  • The Council of the European Union
  • The European Space Agency
  • Air Safety Support International
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • The Royal Society
  • Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • Kings College London
  • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • Avon and Somerset Police
  • Sheffield Fire and Rescue Service
  • University of Essex
  • Government of Uganda

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